GPS Devices – The Pros and Cons of

Today, we all use Goggle maps and Smart phones to get around. There is still something to be said for using hand-held GPS devices. This article will describe some of the pros and cons of these devices. You have so many choices today that you should never find yourself lost, not anywhere. That is because of GPS programs and services that we have embraced and incorporated into our daily lives.

Let’s discuss some of the drawbacks as well as some of the pluses in using these devices.

Hand-held GPS devices now come in so many sizes and shapes that everyone should have one. Our phones have GPS built into them, but they don’t give you turn-by-turn directions or traffic warnings. There is no longer any reason to fear being late due to traffic or detours if you have one of these handy devices.

What are some of the cons to using hand-held GPS devices?

  • These units can be damaged and ruined by dropping them.
  • They have a limited time usage due to the length of the battery life.
  • They need to have updates regularly to keep the maps current.
  • They rely on satellite systems, so have limited use inside, in dense forests, in caves, or anywhere where satellite access is impaired.
  • There is an initial cost to purchase the device.
  • They can easily become lost.

What are some of the pros of hand-held GPS devices?

  • Hand-held GPS devices are made by well-known companies with good track records for value and service.
  • They are easy to use and easy to carry around with you.
  • They give both directions and coordinates; and in vehicles, they even give speed limits for the road you are driving on.
  • It is easy to update your maps online.
  • They are sturdily made and are pretty tough in normal daily use.
  • They provide alternate routes when the initial way is inaccessible.
  • They give you turn by turn directions that are easy to follow.
  • The cost for these devices is trending down, but was not that expensive to begin with.

How can a hand-held GPS device help you?

  • You can avoid heavy traffic and find alternate routes to your destinations.
  • You can easily find where you parked your car in large parking lots.
  • You never have to be afraid to travel to new places again.
  • You can enjoy hiking, camping, and other outdoor activities without fear of becoming lost.

There are so many reasons to own and use a GPS device today. You can keep up with your children, you can use them to keep up with your pets, you can use them to find new destinations easily, you can even use them to play a new game called geocaching.

You can have a device installed in the dash of your car, you can hang a tag device on a person, you can get a GPS collar for your dog. Global positioning systems have become a part of our everyday life and we have grown to view these systems as necessary to our health and well-being.

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